4EARS Swim

4EARS Swim
4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim 4EARS Swim
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Information: 4EARS Swimmers ear protection

  • Designed for surfers, swimmers, water polo player, sailors or anyone spending time in water.
  • 4EARS Swim earbuds is a reusable, universal fit ear canal protector designed specifically to protect the ear canal and inner ear from infection.
  • 4EARS Swim prevents water from entering the ear, reducing the possibility of infection, swimmers ear (Otitis externa) and surfers ear, causes of pain for children and adults alike.
  • 4EARS Swim earplugs includes 2 sizes of ear tip ensuring a water-tight seal in all sizes of ear. The included small tip also makes Crescendo Swim suitable for children aged 6+.
  • Swimming pools can be extremely loud due to screaming and shouting. 4EARS Swim earplugs blocks out excessive noise protecting the user from hearing damage.

Nice to know: 4EARS Swim Hearing Protection

  • Protects the ears – the 4EARS Swim filters prevent water flowing into the ear
  • Feel better – high noise levels are tiring, 4EARS Swim earplugs reduces noise.
  • Comfort - 4EARS Swim eartips are made of comfortabel medical grade TPE
  • Environmental friendly - Eartips are made of 100% organic material generating only carbon dioxide and water during incineration

Benefits: 4EARS Swim Earplugs

  • Protection against loud noise
  • Reduces the risk of ear infection and surfer's ear.
  • Prevents water from entering the ear
  • Suitable for use in sea water and swimming pools

Package content: 4EARS Swim Earplugs

  • Two large universal ear tips
  • Two spare medium universal ear tips
  • Two full block filters
  • Aluminium key-ring carrying case
  • Manual EN, NL

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