Which Earplugs

HELP which Earplugs - Hearing Protection should I choose?

  • Earplugs are available in many shapes sizes and models. We like to help you on your way to make a good choice.
  • Every ear is different, and even our own ears change over the years.
  • We all know the unpleasant disposable earplugs.
  • We often have lake of time or money to buy custom made earplugs.
  • Therefore we offer several universal hearing protection (for affordable price)

How does hearing protection work?

  • We use hearing protection to protect against noise, wind, water, dirt and / or pressure differences.
  • Protection can create when a narrowing or compression of the ear is made.
  • Because of this narrowing can be no, or reduced, noise, wind, air and / or water to enter.
  • For filtering the noise from music, concert, construction works or environmental noise, there are various filters available.
  • The definition of suppliers varies, however, it is sometimes the same filter but under a different name and / or color.
  • You can have fantastic filters, but if the hearing protection doesn't fitt or feel unpleasent it ended up in the closset or trash.
  • For the comfort of hearing protection the material and shape are very importan.

A number of variations Earplugs.

  • Determine what type of ear plug is most appealing.
  • Then determine which model(filter) is most suitable.
  • Most universal hearing protectors are cone-shaped and have to be deeply inserted in the ear canal, (pic.1)
  • Proplugs are an exception and work as a closing seal of the ear shell. (pic.2 bottom of the page)

Earplugs-Europe-com Hearing Protection Earbuds NoNoisepic. 1


Conical Hearing Protection


Earplugs-Europe.com Pluggerz Hearing Protection Earbuds


  • Pluggerz earplugs have 3 layers
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Long lifetime
  • Convenient etui
  • Special Travel and Swim edition available for children


Earplugs-Europe.com Crescendo Hearing Protection Earbuds


  • Crescendo earplugs have 3 layers
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable
  • Long lifetime
  • Convenient storage tube
  • Package includes two size of earplugs (M and L)


Earplugs-Europe.com Alpine Hearing Protection Earbuds


  • Alpine earplugs have 3 layers
  • Soft material, doesn't stick much out of the ear.
  • Comfortable
  • Long lifetime
  • Also suitable with smaller ear canal
  • Storage box (breakable) / Storage tube / Etui
Earplugs-Europe.com NoNoise Hearing Protection Earbuds


  • NoNoise earplugs have 3 layers
  • Rigid / Hard material
  • The filter (contrary to most earplugs) is placed in the beginning of the earplug, therfore the filter is located within the ear canal instead outside. (pic. 1)
  • Due to the filter is placed in the beginning of the earplug they may feel hard within the ear canal.
  • Long lifetime
  • Storage tube
Earplugs-Europe.com Noizezz Plug Hearing Protection Earbuds

Noizezz Plug

  • Noizezz earplugs have 3 layers
  • Soft material
  • Less suitable with smaller ear canal because of pressure
  • In a narrow ear canel the earplugs stabbing further
  • Long lifetime
  • Round metal storage box
Earplugs-Europe.com Noizezz Universal Hearing Protection Earbuds

Noizezz Universal

  • Noizezz universal earplugs go deep into the ear canal. Almost no stabbing.
  • Package includes four sizes of earplugs S / M / L / XL with one set of filters
  • Soft / rigid material.
  • Not a smart choice, when never used before
  • Long lifetime
  • Round metal storage box
Earplugs-Europe.com Proplugs Hearing Protection Earbuds


  • Do not go deep into the ear canal but works as closing seal (see picture below)
  • Soft material
  • Very comfortable
  • 8 sizes available - also for baby and children
  • Fitting approximately 95%
  • Long lifetime
  • If the Proplugs not be stored in the box the form may adapted
  • Original storage box (poorly close)



Proplugs Hearing Protection / Closing Seal

  • Proplugs is a good choice when you often suffer from irritation to the ear canal.
  • Proplugs works as closing seals and therefore they don't go deep into the ear canal.
  • If it's youre thirst time buying Proplugs it is necessary using the Fittingbag to determine the right size.

Oordoppen-com Oordopjes Gehoorbescherming Gehoorbeschermers Proplugs afsluitzegel (pic. 2)


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Comfortabel and payable Earplugs for baby, child and adult from Crescendo, Proplugs, Pluggerz, Noizezz, Nonoise and Alpine. Earbuds for sleeping, swimming, scuba diving, work, hobby, do it yourself, motor cycling, flying, childrens, cabine staff and many more. Preventing hearing damage, loss and protect against water, noise, dust, dirt and air pressure differences. Reduce pressure clearing. We provide comfortable, universal and professional hearing protection for Musicians with Crescendo PRO which provides the same filters with membrane as custum made hearing protection. Also available professional Building Earplugs with membrane for flat attenuation.

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