Insert Earplugs

Hearing protection is only useful if worn properly.

  • Your own voice sounds differently when wearing earplugs.
  • If you talk and push youre ears tight you get similar effect as wearing earplugs.
  • There should be a little resistance when turning off youre earplugs.


Insert youre Hearing Protection

  • Before use, check the Ear plugs are clean
  • Grasp the top of your ear and pull it up and back.
  • Always use the biggest size first when the hearing protectors are deliverd multiple sizes
  • (carefully) Press the hearing protector as deep as possible into the ear canal.
  • After you release the ear, press the earplug again

Instruction insertion earplugs Earplugs-Europe-com Crescendo


Insert Proplugs

  • View HUM-test for the explanation of Proplugs hearing protection.



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Comfortabel and payable Earplugs for baby, child and adult from Crescendo, Proplugs, Pluggerz, Noizezz, Nonoise and Alpine. Earbuds for sleeping, swimming, scuba diving, work, hobby, do it yourself, motor cycling, flying, childrens, cabine staff and many more. Preventing hearing damage, loss and protect against water, noise, dust, dirt and air pressure differences. Reduce pressure clearing. We provide comfortable, universal and professional hearing protection for Musicians with Crescendo PRO which provides the same filters with membrane as custum made hearing protection. Also available professional Building Earplugs with membrane for flat attenuation.

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